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Introduction to programming - 1 day


This course covers the basic concepts, fundamental syntax and process of writing any computer program.
The information is generic; it's not specific to any single programming language.
It is equally relevant to Unix, Microsoft Windows and to other Operating Systems.

Expected outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course you will:


This course is aimed at people who are familiar with computers, but who don't have any formal programming experience.

This course is a useful course to take before the introductory level of a specific programming language courses, such as Introduction to Perl or Introduction to Java.
It is a useful course for those that don't have any programming experience, but need the necessary foundations and concepts to start.


Basic keyboard and mouse use.



A brief history
The Development Process (SDLC)
Different computer languages
Programming environments and tools

Programming Logic

Understanding logic
Flowcharting a program
Unified Modelling Language - UML Activity Diagrams
Boolean Logic
Pseudo code

Language syntax

Language syntax
Creating a program
Input and output
Doing a test
Subroutines and Functions

Also available

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Introduction to Perl - 2 days
Introduction to Java - 2 days

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