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Python Advanced - 3 days


This course covers Advanced-level Python techniques. It is usually run as 3 days; like all courses it can be tailored to cover less or more topics.

Expected outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:


This course is aimed at experienced Python programmers who want to get more out of the language, and use some more of its advanced features.


Substantial recent experience with Python as covered in our Intermediate Python course, followed by some real-life experience, is required.


Advanced Python

Review of intermediate level Python
More advanced data structures

Advanced environments

Using IDEs such as Komodo, PyDev, Wingware etc
Other tools

Advanced language techniques

Iterators and generators
An Introduction to Design Patterns in Python

Useful modules

Tour of some useful modules
Win32 modules
Creating your own modules
Creating your own packages
The cheese shop

Networking with Python

How to access the World Wide Web from Python
How to pass data using basic sockets
Creating a web server using Python
Writing CGI scripts in Python

Processes and Threads

Process basics and process tricks
Evaluating text as code
Forking processes
Writing multi-threaded programs in Python

Graphics programming in Python

Drawing images
Manipulating photos
Plotting graphs
Games programming

Extending and embedding Python

Other Python implementations, including Jython and IronPython
How to extend Python with C and other languages
How to embed the Python interpreter into other language programs

What's next - Python 3

An introduction to Python 3, preparing for it and converting to it

Python Performance and Python Best Practices

Python Performance
Python Best Practices
On being Pythonic

Also available

Introduction to Python (2 days)
Intermediate Python (3 days)
Scientific and Mathematical programming in Python (2 days)

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